The Arcade – Christmas time.


Hey guys and gals. I’m slacking I know, but RL work is crazy and I’ve been passing out by the time I get home, so work with me!

So! If you didn’t know already, the gacha arcade is up and running another event. EVERYONE has been trying to get their pretty little hands on these antlers! I was one of the lucky ones, after spending like 4k on the machine, to get them. So here they are if you have not seen them yet! The gacha event ends at the end of December, so if you have not gone to check it out yet, you might want to get to it.
Gacha Arcade

ALSO! In exchange for one of my rares I got from the machine. My friend Bubblez let me put up a table at her place to sell the things I didn’t want. There’s a lot of stuff there from the machines, so if there’s anything you are really looking for, be sure to check us out there before being a derp like me… and spending 4k on the machines to get 1 item xD.
Gacha Arcade Prizes for sale

Happy hunting and try not to spend all your hard earned L$!!! Thanks for checking out the blog guys! 😀

Antlers :RO – Festivat – Blinking Blitzen RARE


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